Biblical Models

Picture of Herods temple from the West year 33 AD

Journey into ancient history

Enter into the time when Jesus walked the streets of Jerusalem. Take a walk through the ailes, up to the Temple and visualize the places and events that are connected to the life of Jesus in Jerusalem the historical cradle of Christianity. You travel with the help of the model of Jerusalem, made from the latest research on Bible times.

Our vision is to make scientific, pedagogic, beautiful and durable models for practical use at churches, schools, museums, TV-studios and homes around the world.

Picture of valley of kidron year 33 AD Picture of Herods Temple from the South year 33 AD. Antonia fortress in the backround Picture of Herods Palace 33 AD

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Illustration of the city of Hezekiah year 700BC

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Picture of Ingemar at the small Jerusalem model