What Archaeologists say about the models

"No one is a stranger in Jerusalem. Yet few can visualize the city of the Jewish Temple and the ministry of Jesus. Inevitbly the contours of the holy city are blurred by the haze of skepticism. Can we really reach back to the city of the first century? The scientific answer is a definite Yes! But to appreciate the precision of the results we need graphic aids. One of the best of these is the model produced by Ingemar Eklöv. Using the most up-to date information he has recreated the Jerusalem that Jesus knew. The Temple in which he taught and worshiped, the streets that he walked come to vivid life. Bible teachers of every level should be grateful for this opportunity to discuss the topography of the gospels in concrete terms"

Professor Jerome Murphy-O´Connor,
OPEcole Biblique, Jerusalem

"A model of First Century C.E Jerusalem produced by Eklov Productions of Sweden was featured in the 1996 Yeshiva University Museum exhibition Sacred Tealm: The Emergence of the Synagogue in the Ancient World.

This highly detailed and beautifully constructed model was greatly appreciated by our Museum´s visitors. The Eklov model greatly helped us to explain the central role of the Temple of Jerusalem in ancient Jewish life. In organizing the loan and transport of the model, we worked closely with Ingemar and Mikael Eklov. They were both willing to assist us with many tasks and were responsive to the Museum´s special needs. Mikael accompanied the model on it´s initial shipment from Sweden and Ingemar came to New York when the model was shipped from Yeshiva University Museum.

We were impressed by their consistent professionalism and efficiency."

Gabriel M. Goldstein
Yeshiva University Museum