The making of miniature models

Picture of Ingemar Eklöv founder of the company

Ingemar Eklöv has Jerusalem in is heart. His passion for this historic place has led him to do research on ancient biblical history. This research is the foundation of the Jerusalem model. Up to this day the models have been sold in Sweden, Norway, England and USA. Ingemar has a lot of experience in using models to create an interest for history. In 1982 he was a teacher in a children´s camp in the Swedish mountains. The early spring snowstorms made it impossible to go skiing. Instead they made a model of Jerusalem in snow. This caught the young childrens attention.There we found the right scale and could experiment with different designs of the houses and decide the number of details to be added. Since that day Ingemar has built models in different materials such as sand, clay, or cement. In 1988 he started to work with a big model in soapstone. Now we also make models in plastics using a hand carved mould of soapstone. The length scale is 1:1200 for the big model and 1:2200 for the small model. The models are hand painted with permanent colours by professional artists.

Picture the Jerusalem model made in soapstone
Picture of Ingemar working with one of the miniature models of Jerusalem

Ingemar has made many trips to Jerusalem and his mentors are:

Dr. DAN Bahat, Chief of Archaeology in Jerusalem
Professor Jerome Murphy-ÓConnor, NT Archaeology
Professor Yoram Zafrir, Holy Land model.
Dr. Ronny Reich, Rockefeller museum