Teaching aids for studying the Bible

Ingemar Eklöv made his first trip to Jerusalem in 1972. He studied archaeological excavations, visited museums and studied the topography and nature in the area. This resulted in sketches and booklets explaining the biblical life in Jerusalem. More journeys to Jerusalem and studies followed. Since 1983 he has met several scholars who could evaluate his work. A continuous contact with professor O´Connor grants for the validity of the models. After eight study trips to Jerusalem the models are getting true to science. The family has made 130 temporary models in snow, sand and clay and nine models in cement in Africa and India. 25 models in soapstone or plastics have been sold to England, USA, Norway, Germany, Japan, Tanzania and Sweden. The contact with all users of models has given a unique experience to make models and books.

So far four books referring to the models have been written:

Illustration of the city of Hezekiah year 700BC

The books are under translation into English. The texts are ready except for the pictures. They are written by Anders Sjöberg, General secretary of Swedish Evangelical Church and former professor at the Johannelund Theological Institute of Uppsala.

Figurines can be added and placed on the model and a video recorded in Texas with teaching in English will follow.

A picturebook with our models is written by Burke ang Glenna Magee and the title is "Jerusalem When Yeshua ( Jesus ) Walked 30 AD".